Nothing Left

There is nothing left to give Only emptiness remains Empty words Empty gestures Empty promises The well is dry The storehouse is bare Deflated, abandoned, devoid My being just a shell Desolate, deserted, vacuous There is nothing left at all I have come to my end You must now begin Where I lack Bring abundanceContinue reading “Nothing Left”


Today I will look to… …the power of God in my weakness …the peace of God in my fear …the majesty of God in my wretchedness …the grace of God in my wickedness …the abundance of God in my lack …the provision of God in my need …the security of God in my anxiousness …theContinue reading “Today”


Life is not about our weaknesses but about God’s strength. It’s not about our failings but about God’s sufficiency. It’s not about our need but about God’s provision. It’s not about our doubt but about God’s belief in us. It’s not about our lack but about God’s grace. It’s not about our triumphs but aboutContinue reading “Life”