Nothing but an unreserved acceptance that Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for our relationship to be restored with God will suffice. No works will ever be enough. No excuses will ever do. Nothing can we bring to the bargaining table except Christ himself, on our behalf. Simple acceptance paves the way – not IContinue reading “Acceptance”

What Was Jesus Like?

What was Jesus like? Peter was a fisherman. He made his living catching fish. It was hard work and sometimes fruitless. He met Jesus after a night of catching nothing at all. Under Jesus’ instruction though he caught two fishing boats full of fish. A fortune of fish. The New Testament equivalent of winning theContinue reading “What Was Jesus Like?”

A Relationship

A solid embrace holding you close Surrounded on every side, protected Held in perfect communion A relationship with the one true God Loved unconditionally, today and forever Shown unending grace and mercy Guided, nudged, prompted and told A relationship with the amazing creator God Provided for at every opportunity Shielded and defended, rescued Cared for,Continue reading “A Relationship”