We were created out of relationship and created for relationship. We were not created to be alone we were created to live with God and with each other. We are to make the very best of each relationship we have. Those we find easy and those that are not so easy. We need to workContinue reading “Friendship”

The Mundane

Remove from my eyes, Lord, the veil of the mundane, the routine and the normal. Let me see afresh the wonders of your creation. Let me see you in the budding of a plant, let me hear you in the noise of birdsong and let me touch you in the refreshment of a summer breeze.Continue reading “The Mundane”


God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, working together in perfect harmony, in a perfect relationship. Each has different roles, each are different and yet each are equal. Here is our model to follow. We were made for relationship, we were made for community, we weren’t made to be alone. We were all createdContinue reading “Relationship”