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The Right Time

There is a time to speak out and a time to hold your tongue, there is a time to leap into action and a time for thoughtful consideration, there is a time to give answers and a time to keep your own counsel, the real wisdom lies in knowing which is which. Lord, reveal to us your wisdom to know how best to respond in every given situation. Help us not to be wise in our own eyes but to always look to you for the best way forward. Amen.


Simplicity of Trust

Jesus came to the weak and to those of little earthly wisdom, not because they were easily fooled but because belief in God is not dependant on intellectual ability but on the simplicity of trust.

The Beginning

Today is the beginning of a whole new chapter of adventure in your life. You have the choice to grab it with both hands and make the most of it or to let it slip you by. You have a world of opportunity waiting to be discovered, a pathway to plot to a brighter future with God. You are surrounded by people wanting to help in anyway they can and you have God wanting to guide you and wanting the very best for you in all circumstances. So… what are you going to do today?

One Accord

Prayer works best when our mind and that of Christ’s are in one accord.

The Light of Christ

When we discipline ourselves and take every thought captive to Christ then there is no room for fear and worry in our lives. When we shine the light of Christ onto our thoughts we can see which ones are helpful and which are hurtful. When we open our lives to Christ it is us who benefit!


When fear strikes remember to fight back with trust, love and friends. Trust that God is capable to deal with anything that comes your way. Remember that God loves you unconditionally and is with you in all things. Remember that God put us in communities for a reason, your friends are there to help and are God’s gift to us in difficult circumstances.


Releasing ourselves from fear is like escaping from a prison. Actually breaking out would be scary, will we make it? Will we be caught? It’s hard work and feels dangerous. Are they after me? What will freedom feel like? Will I always feel like I’m on the run? But however scary it may be continuing to languish in the prison of is not God’s desire for any of us. God doesn’t want you to be fearful. God has given us the tools of trust, love, faith, friends etc. that we can use to set ourselves free. That doesn’t mean that it will be easy but it will be so worth while.


The same sun that melts wax, hardens clay. Will you become malleable, yielding, mold-able and soft-hearted or will you be impenetrable, inflexible, unyielding, hard-hearted? Will you allow God to melt your heart or harden it?

God is For You

Never underestimate how much God is for you, how much He longs for you to experience the peace and joy He has in store for you, how much He desires for you to be whole and how much He wants you to draw nearer to Him.


Whatever happens in life nothing can take away your, God given, choice on how to react. We always have the choice to react well or badly. We have the choice to worry or to trust. We have the choice to bounce back or to wallow. We have the choice to turn to God or try and run away from Him. We have the choice to let it get us down or to use it to build us up, We have the choice to get bitter or to get better. The choice is always yours.