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Never Stops

On the 7th Day God stopped creating. He did not, however, just stop. Not for one single day has God stopped loving, sustaining and caring for His creation. God loves you 24/7 from before you were born and into eternity!


Good News

What is the Good News? Do we really believe that the News is Good? Do our lives live out the fact that we have found the answers to many of life’s big questions? Do we live like we’ve truly been rescued from the jaws of death? Moreover, do people seen in us the Good News? Do we show others more Christ or criticism? If they look at us do they see Jehovah or judgement? Do people see in us a glimpse of heaven or just hypocrisy? Our lives are the Gospel message through which people can find Christ – what do our lives say to those around us?


Prayer is the refocusing of our lives on who and what is most important. It is acknowledging who is in charge and what we owe Him. It’s about giving the glory back!

Christ Alone

Christ alone is my salvation
Christ alone is my reward
Christ beside me
Christ before me
Christ within me
Christ is Lord

By Your Side

God is by your side constantly waiting. He is waiting for you to converse with Him. He is waiting for you to acknowledge your need of Him. He is waiting to fill you afresh. He is waiting to wrap you in His love. He is waiting to reassure you and comfort you. He is waiting for you to listen to Him. He is waiting to be all that you need of Him. He is waiting for you to rest in His presence. God is always waiting – will you make Him wait much longer?


We can know God as a mighty creator; We can study God as an historical figure; We can understand God as a King, a ruler and a figure of supreme authority; We can comprehend that God is a judge, a lawgiver and a great High Priest – but it is only through God’s Spirit that we can know him as ABBA, father… Daddy!

Through Sun and Storm

We must remember to praise God when the sun is shining AND when the storm is blowing! If God is worthy of our praise He is worthy of it no matter our circumstances!

Speak God

Whatever you speak into the lives of those around you will rise up in them! So, if you focus on their sin that will rise up in them. However, if you speak of their potential it will be that potential that grows! If we speak to them of their lack or of their failings it will be that that rises up but if we speak of the security they can find in God, His love for them, their importance to Him it will be that that rises up! We need to be very careful how we talk to people, what we talk about and how we speak God into their lives!

Stronger and Wiser

The God that I worship can still the waves and calm the storm and yet, in His wisdom, allows me to endure them so that I may become stronger and wiser and a little bit more like Him.


God’s light shines into our lives. We have the choice to live in that light or hide in the shadow it creates.