Nothing but an unreserved acceptance that Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for our relationship to be restored with God will suffice. No works will ever be enough. No excuses will ever do. Nothing can we bring to the bargaining table except Christ himself, on our behalf. Simple acceptance paves the way – not IContinue reading “Acceptance”

The Mundane

Remove from my eyes, Lord, the veil of the mundane, the routine and the normal. Let me see afresh the wonders of your creation. Let me see you in the budding of a plant, let me hear you in the noise of birdsong and let me touch you in the refreshment of a summer breeze.Continue reading “The Mundane”

Keep On His Path

There are many things today that seem innocent, that are portrayed as a bit of fun and yet have a much more dangerous, if not evil, root. There are many things that our societies accept as normal, even good, yet are opposed to Christian belief. Be aware, stand guard, test all things in case youContinue reading “Keep On His Path”