Good News

  Many people see God as an old man with a big stick just waiting for us to put a step wrong in order to punish us. The reality is that God still shouts the same message to us as He did through the Angel Gabriel 2000 years ago – Do not be afraid, I amContinue reading “Good News”

Taking Christmas forward…

Taking Christmas forward into the New Year: Let us be obedient like Mary, trusting like Joseph, hospitable and accommodating like the Inn Keeper, eager like the Shepherds, watchful like the Wise Men and patient like Simeon. Let Jesus’ surroundings remind us to be humble. Let the gifts of the Wise Men remind us to beContinue reading “Taking Christmas forward…”

A Little Pondering?

Whilst the shepherds were telling everyone who would listen what had happened, Mary sat quietly and pondered all that had happened. Will you take time this Christmas to ponder the reason we celebrate Christmas? Will you think about why, centuries later, we still celebrate the birth of a small baby in an insignificant town inContinue reading “A Little Pondering?”

Do Not Be Afraid

Angels appeared to Zechariah, Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds – and their first message? DO NOT BE AFRAID! God’s message to us remains the same. He does not want us to be fearful, He wants us to be at peace. There is a reason Jesus is called the Prince of Peace. Jesus came to bringContinue reading “Do Not Be Afraid”