Passing Through

We live in a fallen, imperfect world where sin and suffering abound. Yet this is not our home, we are just travellers passing through. We are camping en-route to our seven star hotel, things are uncomfortable but we have our destination in sight. We need to keep going, help those around us and make theContinue reading “Passing Through”

An Environment of Growth

Create for yourself an environment in which to grow. What is it in your life that is stopping you in growing closer to God? Are you too busy, distracted or tired? Is something or someone constantly dragging you away from spending time with Him? Dare I suggest unconfessed sin or wrong attitudes? Perhaps this yearContinue reading “An Environment of Growth”

Speak into People’s Lives

Whatever you speak into the lives of those around you will rise up in them! So, if you focus on their sin that will rise up in them. However, if you speak of their potential it will be that potential that grows! If we speak to them of their lack or of their failings itContinue reading “Speak into People’s Lives”