Train Your Spirit

It is very popular to train your body and even your mind, but how about your Spirit? When did you last train yourself to listen for that small still voice? When did you train yourself to come into God’s presence? When did you last fast or pray for a good period of time? We worryContinue reading “Train Your Spirit”


We can know God as a mighty creator; We can study God as an historical figure; We can understand God as a King, a ruler and a figure of supreme authority; We can comprehend that God is a judge, a lawgiver and a great High Priest – but it is only through God’s Spirit thatContinue reading “Daddy”

Lord, for all we know…

Lord, for protection of the minds, bodies and spirits of all we know we pray. Fill all those we know with your life giving spirit. Where there is confusion bring clarity, where there is fear bring peace and where there is pain bring relief. We place all who we know and love into your allContinue reading “Lord, for all we know…”