Follow Him

When Jesus invites us to follow Him He offers us a wonderful life where every tear is wiped away and no mourning will take place. However, that is all to come. When Jesus asks us to follow Him he gives it to us straight. If you follow me you will have troubles. You will beContinue reading “Follow Him”

We Cannot Be Static

We cannot be static Yet we must stand firm Movement is required And stillness as well Constantly changing Changeless We must never remain the same Fluid And at the same time solid We must be more of a body Far less of a building It must be less about religion And far more about relationshipContinue reading “We Cannot Be Static”

Where are You Going?

Would you get on a plane not knowing where it is going? Would you walk around in the dark not knowing where your feet are landing? Most of us wander through life without really exploring where we are headed? Have you really considered what this life is all about and whether there is more toContinue reading “Where are You Going?”

The Light of Christ

When we discipline ourselves and take every thought captive to Christ then there is no room for fear and worry in our lives. When we shine the light of Christ onto our thoughts we can see which ones are helpful and which are hurtful. When we open our lives to Christ it is us whoContinue reading “The Light of Christ”


When fear strikes remember to fight back with trust, love and friends. Trust that God is capable to deal with anything that comes your way. Remember that God loves you unconditionally and is with you in all things. Remember that God put us in communities for a reason, your friends are there to help andContinue reading “Remember”