Releasing ourselves from fear is like escaping from a prison. Actually breaking out would be scary, will we make it? Will we be caught? It’s hard work and feels dangerous. Are they after me? What will freedom feel like? Will I always feel like I’m on the run? But however scary it may be continuingContinue reading “Fear”


May the very God who spoke to Moses through a burning bush, who guided the Israelites with a pillar of fire, who burnt up Elijah’s offering and who sent His Holy Spirit as fire at Pentecost, set your heart ablaze with love for Him and those around you, purify your lives by His refining fire,Continue reading “Fire”


Life is not about our weaknesses but about God’s strength. It’s not about our failings but about God’s sufficiency. It’s not about our need but about God’s provision. It’s not about our doubt but about God’s belief in us. It’s not about our lack but about God’s grace. It’s not about our triumphs but aboutContinue reading “Life”