Be All I Need

Lord, in the midst of today’s storm be my anchor. In the midst of today’s busyness be my peace. In all of today’s conversations be my voice. In all of today’s weariness be my strength. Lord, today be all I need of you as I falteringly serve you will all I have. Amen


Life is not about our weaknesses but about God’s strength. It’s not about our failings but about God’s sufficiency. It’s not about our need but about God’s provision. It’s not about our doubt but about God’s belief in us. It’s not about our lack but about God’s grace. It’s not about our triumphs but aboutContinue reading “Life”

Your Wisdom Lord

Lord, in fear I come before you. It is your wisdom that I seek. I fully acknowledge that I can’t do this on my own, I’m not strong enough, I’m not wise enough, please help me. In everything I face today be my guiding light. May every word that comes from me today be pleasingContinue reading “Your Wisdom Lord”