Philippians 4: 4-9 God’s antidote to worry, anxiety and fear. Part 1.

  Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!   Remember who God is and give Him his due. Remember what He has done for you in the past. Remember that He is faithful. Remember that He is in control, He created all things and knows the end from the beginning. LiftContinue reading “Philippians 4: 4-9 God’s antidote to worry, anxiety and fear. Part 1.”

Let Go

The more we strive, the more we try, the more we will realise that what we can give will never be enough. We will never be able to love enough, care enough, give enough or take on enough. There will always be situations beyond our control that we don’t have the ability to sort out.Continue reading “Let Go”

We Thank You

Lord of the dawn with thank you for new beginnings. Lord of the morning we thank you for renewed strength each day. Lord of the midday sun we thank you for light and warmth. Lord of the afternoon we thank you for food to sustain us. Lord of the evening we thank you for theContinue reading “We Thank You”

Make It Through Together

Worried? Feeling down? Fearful? Panicky? Scared? Feeling all alone? Desperate? Frightened? Unsure? Jesus knows exactly how you feel. He’s been there. He is the only one who can truly empathise. He faced a situation so terrifying that He literally sweated blood in thinking about it. He faced it on His own and He made itContinue reading “Make It Through Together”

The Mundane

Remove from my eyes, Lord, the veil of the mundane, the routine and the normal. Let me see afresh the wonders of your creation. Let me see you in the budding of a plant, let me hear you in the noise of birdsong and let me touch you in the refreshment of a summer breeze.Continue reading “The Mundane”

I Spoke With God

I spoke with God And I questioned Him I said, Lord you are all powerful and all loving Yet I see around me so much suffering I just don’t understand He stooped down and spoke gently My child, you see only in part And you understand only in part You are blind and yet youContinue reading “I Spoke With God”

Let Forgiveness Bring You Freedom

When someone wrongs you they place you in a cage. They trap you. They limit your freedom. The cage may be a cage of fear, irritation, bitterness, anger, hurt or resentment. The cage can become a dreadful place in which to live. The bars can increase in number and the nights can become very darkContinue reading “Let Forgiveness Bring You Freedom”