There is a love that we just can’t grasp A love that comes from God who is Himself love A love that does not depend on your goodness And never diminishes because of your badness This love is for you, especially for you It is a love that sent Jesus willingly to His death ItContinue reading “Love”

Continue to Celebrate

The presents are open and the turkey has been eaten (at least the first lot has!!) but the spirit of Christmas continues every day of the year. The hope that can be found in the story of Christmas lives on. A story that tells us that God has reconciled us to himself in Jesus. AContinue reading “Continue to Celebrate”

Unconditional Love

God has unconditional love for each and every one of us! A love that is unchanging, constant, never ending. We must develop this love for those around us. A love that covers over differences and disagreements. A love that always forgives, is full of grace and mercy. A love that focuses on that which unitesContinue reading “Unconditional Love”