Your Wisdom

Lord, I thank you that you know me better than I know myself. You know what I struggle with and what is on my mind. I thank you that you understand even when I am doubting you. Lord, help me to give all my struggles to you each day, help me to talk to youContinue reading “Your Wisdom”


When fear strikes remember to fight back with trust, love and friends. Trust that God is capable to deal with anything that comes your way. Remember that God loves you unconditionally and is with you in all things. Remember that God put us in communities for a reason, your friends are there to help andContinue reading “Remember”

A Command Maybe?

Do not worry about tomorrow… Do not worry about clothes…. Do not worry about what to say… Do not worry about your life… Do not worry about what you will eat… Do not worry beforehand…! Comforting words are they not? You can imagine them being said. “Look guys don’t worry about it, everything is goingContinue reading “A Command Maybe?”

Wise people Still Seek Him

Jesus didn’t just come down at Christmas, He now dwells with us in the hearts of all who believe. He is no longer distant but an ever present help at all times. He is closer than a brother, more caring than a parent, wiser than your closest friend and more powerful than the greatest King.Continue reading “Wise people Still Seek Him”