We are called to refrain from being judgemental but we are called to make wise judgements. The difference is this… being judgemental puts ourselves above the person we are judging, making wise judgements recognises that we are all in the same boat but that we can help one another.


Today I will look to… …the power of God in my weakness …the peace of God in my fear …the majesty of God in my wretchedness …the grace of God in my wickedness …the abundance of God in my lack …the provision of God in my need …the security of God in my anxiousness …theContinue reading “Today”

In our Walk with God

Lord, in our walk with you help us to find favour in your eyes as Mary did. Help us have faith like Elizabeth and righteousness like her and Zechariah. Let us be honourable like Joseph and have wisdom and perseverance like the wise men. Lord, give us a childlike faith like the shepherds and patienceContinue reading “In our Walk with God”