We are stronger in our faith when we are together. Proverbs reminds us that just as steel sharpens steel so one man sharpens another. When the Disciples were together their faith was strong. When they were apart their faith dwindled. Peter, who would have followed Christ anywhere when together with Him and the Disciples, denied he even knew the one he truly loved when on his own. Was it a coincidence that Thomas, the doubter, is the only disciple that we are told about that was on his own after the crucifixion? We are made to be together as believers. The early church were as “together” as you can get – devoted to one another, eating together in each other’s homes, providing financially for each other and so on. Many of us just meet together on a Sunday. Would God not say to us “do not stop meeting together as some are in the habit of doing”? Surely “meeting together” is meant to be more than just a weekly occurrence? Should we not be meeting, eating, praying, discussing, encouraging and discipling together far more often than we do? Let us meet together in God’s name and sharpen each other up!

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