The Perfect Easter Gift – who needs more chocolate anyway?

Available NOW from Amazon –

My new book Praying Through the Psalms is out now. In full colour is is a wonderful gift book to bring cheer and the wisdom of the Psalms to all. Illustrated with my photographs of God’s wonderful creation it takes the Psalms and turns them into modern prayers. The Psalms is a wonderful blueprint of how we should interact with God through good times and bad, an my new book helps us to unlock them even further. But don’t take my word for it, see what others have been saying…

Inspiring Nathan’s books are always a blessing, and this sequence of brief passages and prayers is ideal to dip into. Stuart Gordon

Lovely content to help to inspire with prayer and praise through the Psalms Simple prayers guided through the inspiration of the Psalms J. Wilkins

Arresting. A really innovative and attractive take on the Psalms. Sometimes it might feel that they’re too much of a good thing with 150 of them but Praying Through the Psalms really cuts to the chase and arrests one’s senses with the beautiful photos helping you focus on what you’ve just read. Recommended Nigel Gordon

Available NOW from Amazon –

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