A One-Year-Plan

With a new year looming it is a good time to think about the year past and plan ahead for the coming year. What things in our lives have we struggled with, what sins have kept us captive and what are we going to do so that next year isn’t a continuation of the same? What markers of remembrance do we need to put down to help us remember those times when God broke forth into our situation or answered a prayer in a wonderful way? What were our successes as far as our faith is concerned, who did we bless, how did we change for the better, what did we do in order for our relationship with God to grow? Next year we have another blank piece of paper for us to write a brand new script. So, what are we going to write? How are we going to ensure with become more like Christ next year than we are now? Who are we going to intentionally bless, help, love, encourage and forgive this year? How are we going to live more simply, give more generously, love more deeply and forgive more readily? How are we going to be a better witness to those around us and how can we be a better friend to those we know? If we are not intentional in being more Christ-like we will become less Christ-like without a doubt. Join me in spending some time in the coming days creating a one-year-plan for the coming year. I hope to look at each area of my life and see where I can improve, change, continue as is. I pray that God will help us all as we seek to be more like Him.

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