There is a love that we just can’t grasp
A love that comes from God who is Himself love
A love that does not depend on your goodness
And never diminishes because of your badness
This love is for you, especially for you
It is a love that sent Jesus willingly to His death
It is a love that loved you first and without which you cannot love
This love caused the very creation of the universe
And now it is given unconditionally to you
It is a love that says, you are my precious child
It says, do not strive, I love you just the way you are
This love sees through your imperfections and your failings
It washes your sins away and makes you perfect in His sight
This love is sufficient for you, you need no other
God’s love will never fail, never fade, never end
Accept this love, poured out for you
He loves you, He cares for you, He created you to be you
Revel in this love that He has for you
You are loved more than you will ever comprehend
Nothing can separate you from that immense love
Whether you feel it or not, know that you are loved
You are His beloved, His pride and joy, His precious child.

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